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The Friday musical round-up: 5th September

After a few weeks without writing my Friday round-up, musical lovers everywhere must be getting withdrawal symptons, so apologies for that!

As ever, here’s my round-up of what has happened in the last week… we have a couple of pieces of casting news, 2 transfers, 1 show opening, 1 show extension and a new TV programme…

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Cabaret: Samantha Barks’ claims not to be a ‘sexpot’ are looking slightly futile now…

When I’d Do Anything finalist Samantha Barks claimed during the series that she was not a ‘sexpot’, despite her skimpy costumes, she sounded a little silly. When she then appeared as Madonna in a photoshoot, her claim seemed even more ludicrous. But it’s the publicity for first major professional role, as Sally Bowles in Bill Kenwright’s touring production, that really blows her claim out the water!

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I’d Do Anything’s Samantha Barks is Sally Bowles

Another one of the runners up from ‘I’d Do Anything’ has been cast in a show, and rather unsurprisingly, it’s Bill Kenwright who is responsible. 3rd placed Samantha Barks will be playing the part of Sally Bowles in his upcoming tour production of Kander & Ebb’s Cabaret, opposite dancer Wayne Sleep.

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Does success on Facebook predict success on screen in ‘I’d Do Anything’?

I have plenty of opinions about the contestants in ‘I’d Do Anything’, and know who I want to win the show. Given the power of the internet, you’d expect to be able to find information that would tell you who the rest of the voting public is rooting for.

So, I’ve already started looking at betting odds, as you’d expect those to be a decent predictor for how the show pans out (if you’re interested in my writing about betting odds, take a look here). Since I work in media, I seem to spend a disproportionate amount of time talking about social networking. It struck me that it success in building social networks might be an alternative predictor of likely success in the show itself …

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