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I’d Do Anything – the semi final result

For my views on Saturday night’s live show, click here.

It’s Monday morning, and the dust has now settled on another dreadful result in I’d Do Anything. Rather unbelievably, Jessie managed to survive the semi-final, without even being voted into the bottom two. She must have a huge amount of support behind her to manage this, because two of the judges thought she deserved to go, and she has now had a run of poor performances over the last few weeks.

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I’d Do Anything – the semi final live show

First of all, let me start by congratulating all 4 of the girls who have made it to the semi-finals. I really think that the overall standard of the contestants in this series has been much higher than in the previous searches for Maria and Joseph, so it is a hugely impressive achievement just getting this far. That will almost certainly come as no consolation to the 3 girls who miss out on the role, but I’m sure that all 4 girls will have a successful West End career ahead of them.

As you’ll have seen if you read my pre-show post yesterday, Rachel was the bookies favourite to leave this week, with Samantha the clear favourite to win the role of Nancy. Read on to find out what happened in the Saturday live show, and whether I still think the bookies are right…

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I’d Do Anything – the semi-final betting odds

With less than 2 hours to go until the start of the semi-final of I’d Do Anything, I’m checking out the betting odds to see who the bookies expect to win the show…

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I’d Do Anything – Week 10 reaction (delayed)

As you’ll know if you read my week 9 post here, I have been on holiday for the last 2 weeks, so I have been catching up on the last 2 weeks’ shows.

Last night, I watched last Saturday’s live show (17th May), and I’ll watch the results show tonight so that I am up-to-date before tomorrow’s semi-final…

As the weeks go on, something slightly strange is happening – I’m getting less and less convinced in the girls’ ability to play the role. In the previous 2 series, I had made up my mind long before this stage, where this time around, I’m still not quite sure who I want to win. If you want to know what I’m thinking, read on for my full reaction:

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I’d Do Anything – week 9 reaction (delayed)

I’ve been on holiday for 2 weeks, so have missed the last 2 shows. Thanks to my V+ box (like Sky+, but from Virgin!), I taped all of the episodes so I have been catching up with proceedings!

Last night, I managed to watch the 1st live show that I missed (week 9, originally shown on May 10th). I haven’t seen the results show yet (and don’t know who leaves), but I’ll be getting to that tonight! So, here, in brief, are my thoughts on the performances from week 9…

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I’d Do Anything – Week 8 post-mortem

It’s now Monday morning, so the dust has settled on last night’s results show… and I am still very, very angry about the result. If you want to see my run-down of Saturday night’s live show, check out my Sunday post here.

Apologies in advance if this seems a little more of a rant than usual…

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I’d Do Anything – week 8 round-up

See my Monday post-mortem here

There were just 7 finalists left at the start of last night’s live show, so it really was time for everyone to show us their best performances if they are going to make it to next week.

I was actually very impressed by the quality of last night’s performances, and am finding it hard to decide who I want to see in the bottom 2…

So, here’s my view on each of the performances:

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