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Review: Piaf (Donmar Warehouse)

Yesterday marked the final night of the Donmar’s latest sell-out success, Piaf. Well, it was the last night until it reappears in 3 weeks time at the Vaudeville Theatre for another ‘limited’ 14 week run. I booked my tickets almost as soon as the booking period opened, so it’s been a long wait to actually see the show – but was it worth it?

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The Friday musical round-up: 5th September

After a few weeks without writing my Friday round-up, musical lovers everywhere must be getting withdrawal symptons, so apologies for that!

As ever, here’s my round-up of what has happened in the last week… we have a couple of pieces of casting news, 2 transfers, 1 show opening, 1 show extension and a new TV programme…

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Donmar announces its latest musical venuture – ‘Piaf’

The Donmar Warehouse has just announced its new season of plays, through until 2009, as reported today by various news organisations (including Mark Shenton on The Stage’s website).

I was particularly interested to see what their ‘musical’ offering would be in the next season. I had heard that it was going to be an exciting project, but had no idea what to expect. On hearing the news that it’s going to be a revival of ‘Piaf’ by Pam Gems, my intial thought is that it will prove to be an inspired decision.

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