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Great directors at the National Theatre

Yesterday Nicholas Hytner announced a number of shows that will be coming to the National Theatre in 2009… unsurprisingly, most of the newspapers have focused on the news that Helen Mirren will be performing in a new production of Phaedra, with headlines including:

Don’t get me wrong – I’m also excited about this news. I’m just also pretty excited about some of the other news, particuarly around directors Continue reading ‘Great directors at the National Theatre’


Group theatre trips for the rest of 2008

I help to run a theatre group at the company I work for, which arranges trips every 3-4 weeks to shows on in London. It helps that we get cheaper tickets because of the group discounts that producers generally offer.

We arrange our programme 6 months at a time, and since it’s the start of July, we’re just finalising the list of shows for the rest of the year. After a couple of discussions and some email back-and-forth, we have agreed our selection. We think it’s a pretty well balanced programme, so read of if you want some ideas for what to see.

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Donmar announces its latest musical venuture – ‘Piaf’

The Donmar Warehouse has just announced its new season of plays, through until 2009, as reported today by various news organisations (including Mark Shenton on The Stage’s website).

I was particularly interested to see what their ‘musical’ offering would be in the next season. I had heard that it was going to be an exciting project, but had no idea what to expect. On hearing the news that it’s going to be a revival of ‘Piaf’ by Pam Gems, my intial thought is that it will prove to be an inspired decision.

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