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Musicals on my iPod

I’ve just back from holiday, and apart from the 2 shows I saw on Broadway (A Chorus Line and Gypsy), my only musical theatre sustenance has been via my iPod. And given how much time I’ve been spending listening to them, I thought it might be worth sharing some of my favourites with you. So, in alphabetical order, here are 7 CDs that I’d recommend, one for each day of the week…

You can buy any of the CDs on amazon by clicking on the link (and amazon will even pay me a few pence if you do actually buy anything!).

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Liza with a Z – a must-buy DVD for musical theatre fans (and only £5)

Box for DVD 

I was buying a present on amazon a couple of months back, and the recommendation system suggested that I might want to buy a copy of ‘Liza with a Z’. For some reason it was reduced to less than £5 (from a full-price of £17) so it wasn’t exactly a difficult decision to make and I bought it.

Fast forward 2 months and this weekend I finally took the DVD off the shelf and watched it. I’m now in shock that it only cost £5 – an absolute bargain and a must-have for any true musical theatre fan…

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Song choices in I’d Do Anything – what musicals do they come from?

As I mentioned in my post on this week’s ‘I’d Do Anything’, this week marked the first individual performances of songs from musicals. Given it was the 3rd week of live shows, it’s about time too!

The BBC’s official website is handily keeping track of what songs are being performed each week (click here to see what I mean), but they’re not providing any information on the shows that the songs come from… so I thought I’d fill that gap and write a little more about the shows that they come from (as well as providing some links if you want to know more)…

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‘High Fidelity’ – why did it fail so spectacularly?

I have been listening to the High Fidelity soundtrack a fair bit on my iPod recently – in case you’re confused, I’m talking about the soundtrack from the Broadway musical, and not the film. Since it hasn’t been on in London, very few people even seem aware of the show’s existence, so I thought I would write about it and try to introduce some more people to a show with music that I like.

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How frustrating: ‘Curtains’ is closing on Broadway

Curtains Broadway poster

I’m going to New York in August with a plan to see a few musicals. Hopefully this will go some way to making up for the fact that the majority of West End musicals shows right now seem to be long-runners or jukebox shows (see interesting in The Times here)

One of the shows at the top of my list is Curtains, the last show written by long-time collaborators John Kander and Fred Ebb before the latter’s death in 2004. Great news too – less than 2 weeks ago, the lead actors (most notably David Hyde Pierce, Debra Monk and Karen Ziemba) signed up for a further 6 months (see announcement here)

Strangely, barely a week after announcing the extension, Curtains had just posted its closing notices (see announcement here, and will now finish on June 29th (more than a month before I arrive in New York!). It’s unclear exactly what changed in March, but it’s frustrating for me all the same.

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