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What Coloured Lights looks like to Wordle

Apparently this is what my blog currently looks like to Wordle, a funky little tool… it appears to be based on the most recent posts, rather than everything I have ever written (which might be a little more complex, with more references to I’d Do Anything!

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Recommended website:

I can’t even remember how I came across this website, but it’s definitely one worth sharing… a fantastic site of musical theatre videos

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Recommended Website –


I am always pleased to stumble across new theatre websites, especially when they offer something that doesn’t really exist elsewhere. About a month ago, I wrote about a fantastic website – It’s an amazing database resource for musical theatre recordings…

Via an advert on that website, I’ve discovered another site that complements CastAlbums perfectly – It’s an American website where you can buy soundtracks, including ones that you’d struggle to find on Amazon!

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Recommended Website – website

I recently discovered a fantastic website, and wanted to share it with you. If you love musical theatre, then this really is an invaluable resource.

As the name suggests, is a searchable database of audio and video recordings, but it really is so much more than that. It combines aspects of an online shop, database and community – just think of a musical theatre-themed combination of amazon, imdb and myspace.

 The thing that struck me initially was the sheer volume of data included – the database already includes more than 3000 shows, 30,000 songs, and close to 50,000 people. It includes both official cast recordings and non-commercial recordings like demos and live recordings. Perhaps most importantly, I really trust the data as it has been built up by people who know and care about musical theatre – the site’s ‘users’, which currently number ~1700.

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