Your next chance to see Sarah Lark performing

Judging by the number of people who read anything I write about ‘I’d do Anything’, people still want to know what happens to the competitors. And as part of my recent attempts to collate and publish press releases for upcoming shows, I have discovered that Sarah Lark’s next performance in London will be taking place less than 10 minutes from my home, at Lauderdale House in Highgate.

She is performing as part of the Cabaret in the House series, taking place on Sunday afternoons between October and December. She’s performing on Sunday 9th November, and I suspect if it hasn’t already, it will sell out quickly, so get a move on! Personally I thought that Sarah had the best voice of any of the performers in I’d Do Anything, so I have no doubt that she will absolutely fanastic as a solo cabaret performer.

I can’t believe it’s now more than 3 months since IDA finished – it’s probably about time I did another round-up of what’s happened to each of the 12 girls…

Don’t forget – if you’d like to see more about the series of shows, you can find the press release here.


1 Response to “Your next chance to see Sarah Lark performing”

  1. 1 Julie September 18, 2008 at 11:21 am

    Gutted! I want to go this but it’s too far!!

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