Coloured Lights – the first 100 posts

Clicking onto my blog dashboard this afternoon, I noticed that today marked the publishing of my 100th post on this blog (cue round of applause). I can’t really believe that I’ve written that many articles, but WordPress doesn’t seem to be lying on this one.

Now seems like a good time to see what I’ve actually been writing about since March 11th when this blog came into being (albeit with a different name for the first couple of weeks) with a review of Dealer’s Choice at the Trafalgar Studios.

Apparently some people do actually read my articles, which is nice to know – nearly 40,000 visits so far, which is certainly more than I expected when I started blogging back in March.

According to the WordPress dashboard, 3 of my posts have been read more than 2000 times:

Now that IDA has finished, less people are reading each post, but then, I’m not doing this for the numbers!

Finally, thank you to everyone that has read any of my 100 posts over the last 7 months, and particular thanks to those of you who have commented…

Here’s to the next 100 posts.


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