Cabaret: Samantha Barks’ claims not to be a ‘sexpot’ are looking slightly futile now…

When I’d Do Anything finalist Samantha Barks claimed during the series that she was not a ‘sexpot’, despite her skimpy costumes, she sounded a little silly. When she then appeared as Madonna in a photoshoot, her claim seemed even more ludicrous. But it’s the publicity for first major professional role, as Sally Bowles in Bill Kenwright’s touring production, that really blows her claim out the water!

Getting cast in such a prestigious show was clearly fantastic news for her, and she thoroughly deserves it – she showed during I’d Do Anything that she’s a really talented performer, and I’m sure she’ll have a very successful professional career ahead of her.

However, back when the news was announced, I noted that “Playing the role of Sally Bowles risks her being judged on her looks even more, despite her previous attempts to claim that she is ‘not a sexpot'”

And judging by the press photos, I wasn’t wrong….

Official photos from Kenwright production of Cabaret

Samantha Barks in Cabaret

I really hope that this role works out for Sam, and that she gets great reviews over the coming months. I just hope that when this show finishes, she doesn’t find herself only being offered parts which involve very small costumes…

Either way, I doubt we’ll be seeing too many more articles where she denies being a sexpot – I’m sure the team at Kenwright will make sure of that!



And in case you’re interested, here are a couple more of the press photos:

Samantha Barks in Cabaret

Samantha Barks in Cabaret


**** good news for Sam – the reviews from Birmingham appear to be very positive – see here for an example… well done Sam ****


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