Don’t worry – Jodie is doing at least 6 shows a week…

Since Jodie Prenger was crowned as the winner of I’d Do Anything, I’ve ready plenty of chat about how many performances Jodie is going to do…

As of yesterday, the official website was still saying that the winner was only initially confirmed for 4 performances:

“Sickness and holiday permitting, we have decided that the winning Nancy is scheduled to perform on Monday and Tuesday evenings, Wednesday matinees and Friday evenings. Until the show opens in December we cannot make a final decision on any additional performances.”

Unsurprisingly. when people noticed this, there was a fairly angry reaction (you can see the WOS blog reaction here). There was a particularly vehment response on the Digital Spy talkboards, with some questioning the point of even having a public vote.

Perhaps in light of the critical response, the official Oliver website has now changed, and Jodie is confirmed for at least 6 performances per week, after adding both Saturday shows. As the site now says:

“Sickness and holiday permitting, we have decided that Jodie Prenger is scheduled to perform on Monday and Tuesday evenings, Wednesday matinees, Friday evenings and both performances on Saturday.”

Good news for all of Jodie fans.

The cynic in me can’t help wondering whether an announcement would have been so swift had one of the other girls won? Perhaps it was an insurance policy against one of the teenagers winning the role?

Either way, it doesn’t really matter – if you want to see Jodie playing the role of Nancy, you will now have 6 chances per week. And for all of those people who are worried about Jodie getting kicked out after 6 months, don’t be so naive! If tickets sell out for 6 months, Jodie’s contract will undoubtedly be extended. Cameron Mackintosh is an incredibly astute producer, and his aim is to get bums on seats and sell as many tickets as possible. If Jodie helps him achieve that, he’ll be laughing!


4 Responses to “Don’t worry – Jodie is doing at least 6 shows a week…”

  1. 1 claire June 2, 2008 at 3:40 pm

    To be completely honest, i felt that Jessie absolutely out sung Jodie on the night and would make a far more interesting, fresh, raw Nancy which ultimately seemed to be the point of the programme.

    I was hoping very much that Cameron and Andrew would give the other 4 performances to Jessie as although Jodie has many fans and was consistent, even her fans can’t really say that Jodie was better than jessie on the night.

    I hoped that Jessie would get one of the Saturday performances but now this seems unlikely. I really hope that they give her at least the other two and find her a different leading lady role where she can shine just as much.

  2. 2 andyroberts June 2, 2008 at 5:27 pm

    That’s good news. There were a lot of reactions to the four performances a week thing on the London Theatre Breaks blog as well.

    Jessie fans seem to think that CM will bring in his favourite at some point.

  3. 3 paul June 3, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    I think all the people who paid money to vote for the winner would be VERY put out if the losing finalist were given the role. Surely the whole point of a show like this is a) To help finance the production through the phone vote, and b) find out which leading lady the public want to see.

    For me, and this is just a personal opinion, Jody was by the far the most consistant performer throughout the series, and also managed to convey the most natural emotion – with Jessie the emotion always felt manufactured (and her accent was soooooo annoying too 🙂 )

    Having said that, I would have thought that Jessie would have a huge career in front of her as a recording artist rather than in acting – she does have a wonderful voice and has the looks for that kind of career.

  4. 4 David Knight June 3, 2008 at 6:18 pm

    Well I did wonder if something like this might happen after the “Lords” comments.

    I to thought that Jessie blow Jodie of the stage in terms of voice & star quality.

    Don’t get we wrong I love Jodie’s voice, but think Jessie is the “star.”

    Both my family & I picked out “the two j’s” for the final from show one!!

    (I did used to work in the “biz”) See my other comments at:-

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