The Friday musical round-up: 30th May

Not an especially busy work for musical theatre news, hence the delay until Saturday to write it.. I was hoping something exciting would happen if I waited long enough. Read on to find out about 1 piece of casting news, 1 closing notice, 1 new show, 1 gala show and 1 reality TV show final…

  • Gone with the Wind – The Musical has posted its closing notices, and will now finish more than three months early on June 14th after only 79 performances. Unfortunately, the show’s reviews were consistently poor (see here for my round-up), so it’s not a major shock. To find out more, you can see the What’s on Stage article here
  • Ray Quinn, a previous X-Factor finalist, will shortly be joining the cast of Grease at the Picadailly Theatre. He will be playing the part of T-Bird Doody from June 16th, and you can find out more about this news from the Society of London Theatre’s website here
  • I’d Do Anything is approaching it’s final show, as the final takes place on Saturday (31st May). One of the three finalists – Jodie Prenger, Jessie Buckley and Samantha Barks – will win the part of Nancy in Cameron Mackintosh’s new production of Oliver which opens in the West End in December this year
  • Jason Robert Brown’s Last Five Years will be receiving a gala performance at the Theatre Royal Haymarket on 12th October, celebrating the fifth anniversary of Notes from New York. You can find out more news about the show, including cast details, on the official website here as well as booking tickets
  • Phantom of the Opera sequel is half-written, and should hopefully be ready to open in the West End in late-2009. The news was announced by Andrew Lloyd Webber live on TV this week, while being interviewed on the Jonathan Ross show. You can find another article about this news on The Stage website here

5 Responses to “The Friday musical round-up: 30th May”

  1. 1 Laura June 1, 2008 at 8:54 am

    Jessie should have won!! She is by far the best singer-and much better than Jodie! I was backing her all the way!! I am 12 and when she didn’t win I cried and cried and didn’t sleep all night because I wanted her to win so badly!! Jodie will make a rubbish Nancy-Nancy needed to be raw and young, unlike someone!!
    The public are fickle, they do not listen to the real pros like Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cameron Mackintosh and Barry Humpries-they are real pros, unlike a certain John Fathead and Denise Van Fathead.Please, if the public have any sense, they will not be surprised to know that Andrew may give Jessie an even bigger part in an even bigger musical! It should have been her-not Jodie!!!
    And for the likes of John Barrowman-pfft! he only voted for Jodie because he wanted to get at Jessie!! What shame on him!! The cheek!! and the way he was hugging denise-pfft. pure shame and jealousy because he knew that Jessie had something!! But Jessie will be much much better than Jodie in a much more famous and bigger musical-just wait!! GO JESSIE!! XO

  2. 2 Sandra June 1, 2008 at 7:44 pm

    I agree with AL Webber, C Mackintosh and B Humphries – Jessie should have won. West End needs a young and fresh Nancy! I still can’t understand why Ireland can’t vote – which is the reason why Jodie won, because the whole of Blackpool and Lancashire voted! I agree with young Laura that JB and DVH hugging each other upon hearing the result was ‘unprofessional’ as members of the panel! A shame that the more versatile and talented Jessie did not win – I won’t be going to watch the show now, for sure! However, we know that Jessie will be offered a role somehow by ALW and CM in due course and her fans will definitely be there to support her. You’ve won many fans, Jessie, keep smiling!

  3. 3 Rogue Zentradi June 1, 2008 at 9:01 pm

    Jessie’s biggest problem was inconsistency – she couldn’t deliver the goods week in and week out, and while I was backing Jodie, I’ll admit that she may not have the best voice of the group, but she was steady and solid through the entire run (along with Rachel, who’s rumoured to be taking the shows Jodie doesn’t.) Jessie had some truly awful performances to go with her good ones.

    And CL, why no love here for The Harder They Come? It should be approaching its press night soon and has a week of previews under its belt in the West End at this point. Ditto Dickens Unplugged, which should have a press night coming soon.

  4. 4 Jon June 2, 2008 at 8:00 am

    RZ – I’ll be interested to see whether the rumours about Rachel are right. Either way, I’d expect her to be in the West End soon (perhaps Chicago?).

    And as for The Harder They Come – thanks for reminding me on that one. I will be keeping my eyes open for the formal opening night, and will definitely do a round-up of reviews and include it in my next weekly update.

  5. 5 rumwalker June 3, 2008 at 2:50 am

    I loved the show, advertised as a casting contest for the part of, “Nancy”, in the West End musical, “Oliver” but in the end a very intertaining show.

    I’m not sure if the right young woman won the role or not but supposedly the rules were followed and Jodie got the most votes, so she won.

    Jessie’s biggest problem wasn’t inconsistency, the panel was inconsistent. They weren’t just inconsistent with Jessie all the contestants had to figure out what the panel wanted. Since Jessie was brought up as inconsistent, lets look at John’s remarks. For two weeks he pretty much said Jessie was perfect, Denise agreed. Then John said Jessie was inconsistent doing the same thing she was doing when he said she was perfect earlier. Denise said Jessie was not feminine, is Nancy a lady?

    The young women put on a terrific show, they worked together and played together, they were team players and they cared for each other. They were the ones who were very mature and professional. they were all sad when someone left. They all had classy exit interviews. They all were the Stars and they all were great.

    What a great experience for them and they were all grateful for it.

    Cameron should have stayed home his comments prior to the vote may have swayed the outcome. John and Denise were inconsistent, they had the contestants turning every which way to try and please them. John and Denises big hug at the end was very non professional,what was that all about, gloating? AW, BH an CM’s comments were biased at the end. Andrew and Barry were probably the most fair of the panel and the most consistent.

    The young women were indeed the Stars and the most professional. I loved them all and loved the show. No one lost.

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