I’d Do Anything – 1 hour until the final

It’s one hour until the final of I’d Do Anything begins, and in less than 5 hours time, we will have a winner. So, this is my last post until after the result is known…

If you’ve been awake at any stage over the last, you’ll have almost certainly noticed an inordinate amount of coverage of the show … Anyone would think that the BBC PR machine were desparate to win the ratings battle over ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ tonight!! Fortunately, the 2 shows aren’t going head-to-head, which is good news for fans of both. I’m sure both channels will still have their eyes on the viewing figures!

Who am I voting for?
We’re down to the last 3 contestants, and neither of my favourites to win the show are in the competition. I loved both Sarah and Rachel, but both of them fell foul of the public, probably due to their previous training. I’m a little disappointed that unlike in the previous two series, I haven’t backed the winner from early on in the series…

But since Sarah and Rachel are gone, I’m going to offer my support elsewhere, and those of you that have been reading this blog over the last few weeks will know what that choice is:

  • NOT Samantha – young, talented and beautiful, but not right for the role. Will do a good job if she wins the part, but after finding herself in the bottom two last week, I doubt she has the public support
  • NOT Jessie – fantastic voice, and showed real star quality in the opening weeks of the show. Unfortunately she hasn’t really progressed that much in recent weeks, and her acting still leaves something to be desired
  • JODIE – definitely the strongest of the remaining Nancy’s – fantastic vocally, with real charisma and stage presence. she’d ready for the West End and deserves her chance…


The bookies’ view
No real change since earlier in the week, although the gap might have widened slightly. A comparison of the odds shows that Jodie is the clear favourite for tonight’s show. If you’re a betting man, you can get the highest odds on Samantha at 3/1…

Sir Cameron Mackintosh’s view
Somewhat strangely, a lot of the coverage this week has focused on the question of whether Jodie looks right to play the part of Nancy. To find out what all the fuss is about, check out an article in the Telegraph here – apparently Sir Cameron Mackintosh is worried about Jodie’s size, but there’s been no confirmation from Cameron as far as I can see. I suspect even if he did express those views, he won’t be especially happy with ALW for sharing them with the Mirror.

Personally, I think it’s entirely ridiculous that the question is even being asked. As I said above, Jodie is absolutely capable of playing the role, and I really hope she wins the public’s votes tonight.


And so…
I am keeping my fingers crossed that we are going to see some musical theatre songs tonight – this is the final of a competition to win a West End role, so it seems ridiculous that there’s even a doubt.

I’ll be back to offer my reaction tomorrow – fingers crossed it’s a final worth writing about!

Enjoy the show


1 Response to “I’d Do Anything – 1 hour until the final”

  1. 1 globus May 31, 2008 at 9:05 pm

    it was a good final, but globus maintains jessie was the closest to the essence of nancy. cameron and andrew agreed judging by their reaction on the result.

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