I’d Do Anything – 2 days until the final…

It’s Thursday, which means only 2 days until the final of ‘I’d Do Anything’. I normally try to avoid writing about the show during the week, as I prefer to focus on the shows themself, rather than what’s happening in the real world (!), but since the series is nearly over, I thought it was worth breaking my own rules!

So, in no particular order, let me tell you what I’m thinking as we approach Saturday…

The bookies’ favourite
This time last week, Samantha was the favourite to win the series, narrowly beating Jessie into 2nd place (check out my article here), but after the semi-final, everything has changed.

After unexpectedly finding herself in last week’s sing-off, Samantha’s star appears to be falling with the betting public, as she is now considered the least likely winner of the show – according to the latest EasyOdds comparison, you could get odds of 3/1 if you put money on her now.

Despite regular criticism from the judges in recent weeks, Jessie is still considered to have a good shot at winning. Given that she hasn’t been in the bottom two at all in the series to date, that seems reasonable – she does have a pretty good chance.

But it’s Jodie who is the new favourite. There must have been some money put on her over the last few days as she is now the clear favourite to win the series. Here’s hoping!


Manx Telecom scandal?
Since Samantha found herself in the sing-off last week, there has been news that a glitch with Manx Telecom (the Isle of Man phone network) may have been partly responsible for her lack of votes.

The good news is that the problem appears to have been rectified – according to the Isle of Man’s newspaper group, “engineers will be on-hand on Saturday to ensure voting for I’d Do Anything contestant Samantha Barks goes as smoothly as possible.” You can see the full article here.

Phew – we wouldn’t want the BBC getting caught up in another public voting scandal now, would we!


The Madonna photo shoot
I opened The London Paper the other day and was slightly surprised to read “I’d do anything finalists pose as Madonna in a raunchy photo shoot.” Sure enough, each of the 3 girls has been photographed in a classic Madonna pose for ‘Now’ magazine, and plenty of newspapers (Daily Mail, London Paper and Mirror to name but three) have been quick to pick up the photos. If you haven’t seen them yet, click here.

It will certainly help make the girls more famous, but I worry that it will also lead to suggestions that this is as much a popularity contest as it is about real talent. I don’t blame the girls, but I’m not sure that they have been done any favours here.


The BBC website
Personally I don’t think that much of the BBC’s official website for the show, and can’t quite work out why the BBC hasn’t build a decent site for the series. It’s great having all the video clips together in one place, but where are the up-to-date photos, proper talkboards etc.

Anyway, it’s a little bit late for this series, but I did just notice that there are very short interviews with each of the 3 girls on the site in advance of Saturday’s final – you can find them here


The Digital Spy forum’s favourite
Many of the show’s most committed fans can be found on the Digital Spy website’s forums, and whilst they don’t necessarily represent the voting public as a whole (Sarah Lark was hugely popular on the forums), these fans will be almost certain voters come Saturday night.

At the moment, Jodie is a clear number one with the forum members who have voted in the poll. You can find the Digital Spy website here, but as I write this article, the site doesn’t appear to be working…


Enjoy the rest of the week…


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