I’d Do Anything – the semi final result

For my views on Saturday night’s live show, click here.

It’s Monday morning, and the dust has now settled on another dreadful result in I’d Do Anything. Rather unbelievably, Jessie managed to survive the semi-final, without even being voted into the bottom two. She must have a huge amount of support behind her to manage this, because two of the judges thought she deserved to go, and she has now had a run of poor performances over the last few weeks.

Will Jessie win the series?
I am now pretty concerned that Jessie will actually end up winning the show, and I honestly believe that it will be a mistake, and don’t think it will do Jessie any favours. As I said in my fuller post yesterday, I just don’t think she is ready to be a West End leading lady, and getting mauled by the criticis could set her back. Surely better for her to narrowly miss out in the final and have an opporunity to get some formal training before being exposed to the press!


Why did Rachel leave last night?
What more did Rachel have to do to get the public on her side? She gave a truly phenomenal performance of ‘Cabaret’ on Saturday night, one that was good enough to get a standing ovation from the judges, led by ALW who hasn’t exactly been her biggest fan so far this series.

Apparently that wasn’t enough for the voting public who would rather have someone untrained, even if it means getting a Nancy who isn’t ready to play the role.

Despite wavering a couple of weeks back, I now realise that Rachel has indeed been my favourite for the vast majority of this series. After Sarah Lark was knocked out (far too early!), my support should probably have been more strongly behind Rachel who is clearly the strongest actor, as well as having a great voice. I don’t worry about Rachel though – she will go onto great things, and I expect to see her joining the cast of Chicago in the not-too-distant future.


Can Samantha win the show?
To be honest, when Rachel found herself up against Samantha in the sing-off, I didn’t think that there was a lot of point Rachel even sining ‘Memory’. Sir Cameron Mackintosh made it very clear that he wants a younger Nancy, given that they will have 6 months to get ready to play the part.

Despite any reservations I have had about Samantha in the past, she did rise to the challenge in the sing-off, and somehow matched Rachel’s performance. For someone so young, she continues to show huge maturity and I am now quite confident that she would be ready to play Nancy come December.

I had thought that she was going to be the favourite with the voting public, but given that she was in the bottom two after a pretty good performance this week contradicts that – apparently Jessie is more popular, but viewers are fickle, so don’t count Sam out. Also, as I’ve seen a few people already say, the producers could easily favour candidates with the songs that they are given. If Sam gets another sexy, dancing number (like ‘Sway’), would anyone bet against her winning?


Who am I supporting in the final?
It won’t come as any surprise to you to find out that I am not supporting Jessie in the final. Of the other two girls, I would actually be pretty excited to see the show with either of them in it. I think Sam would definitely offer something new and fresh, and the producers would certainly be able to say that they had discovered a raw, new talent. She has probably gone of the biggest ‘journey’ over the series, with a dramatic improvement from the first show.

However, I think I will probably be backing Jodie in next week’s final. She has also improved throughout the series, particularly with her acting. She is more secure vocally, and I think she is ready for the West End stage.

However, with my favourites gone, I’m not 100% sure – a star performance from Samantha next time around might still be enough for me to switch my affections… let’s see what happens!



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Also, ‘I’d Do Anything’ is coming to an end. As you will see if you looked around, I write about more than just the show on this blog. If you have been interested by what I have had to say about I’d Do Anything, do stick with me once the show is over! You can subscribe to the feeds via feedburner if you’re interested.


17 Responses to “I’d Do Anything – the semi final result”

  1. 1 motormouth mabel May 26, 2008 at 2:15 pm

    The IOM mobile phone network crashed on saturday night during the votes, probably due to the high demand in voting for Sam! So this may explain her being bottom with the voting public. We are only a small island but everyone is on redial for our local girl. Sam to win she is the best all rounder

  2. 2 Laura May 26, 2008 at 2:48 pm

    Jessie All The Way!!! xo

  3. 3 Laura May 26, 2008 at 2:50 pm

    I am 12 years old and posted that comment above.

    I DO NOT like Sam at all, she is awful (no offence)


  4. 4 Laura May 26, 2008 at 2:56 pm


  5. 5 Zoe May 26, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    jodieee to win 😉
    sam is rubbish

  6. 9 Eibhlin Wickhaam May 26, 2008 at 6:58 pm

    My od what is happening .All the girls in the show are great in their own way but Jessie stands out as the performer I want to see in the Nancy role. John Barryman has a lot to answer for for his cruel comments has’nt he changed nhis tune from comments for Jessie like “this girls is going all the way 7 nights a week” to suddenly say she is not ready. Clearly Mr Barryman you have the hots for Samanta in my opinion she is not quite ready and she is younger than Jessie who has sung her heart out and so what if she is Irish Mr Barryman the girl is a star and in my hopinion and I have judged many shows Andrew L Webber and Barry Humperies have seen that special talent. She has taken a lot of knocks Please give the bighearted girln with the winning smile your vote.Jodie is a lovely girl with a big voice but I really dont think she suits the part of Nancy she lacks that ooomph pa pa. Jessie dont loose heart and dont let John Barryman break your spirit.Your voice and cheery nature brightens my Saturday and sets me up for the week.

  7. 10 zoe May 26, 2008 at 7:01 pm




  8. 11 Michael May 27, 2008 at 9:47 am

    Sunday night was an absolute travesty. I’m not a particular fan of Rachel’s (she’s a bit too professional to really win the hearts of the TV viewing public) but she would have made a fantastic Nancy. Her Cabaret performance blew me away. The professionalism and detachment that got her voted off by viewers who wanted to ‘get to know her’ is exactly what gets a performer through a long run without losing too much of the opening night performance.

    Having said that, Samantha still should have stayed and judging by his comments, ALW would have preferred Jessie (more likely) or Jodie to have been in the sing-off.

    Jessie has been badly treated – in one moment she’s being told to be more like herself (which is a no-no when you’re doing a character part) and the next moment she’s being told that she’s not acting more like Nancy. Poor girl. I don’t think she’s ready, however, and is far too mannered in her performances (the crooked smile, the singing out of one side of her mouth, the reach out into a fist and then across her neck, the saloon-door arms so stunningly shown in Saturday’s show) to make it as a character actress _at the moment_. She should head for drama school and come back fighting as a career musical-theatre woman.

    Samantha may be young, but she does have a maturity in her voice, and in her acting, that makes me see a long career ahead of her. But Nancy is not her part. Sam is currently too smiley (this week’s sing-off was troubling) and doesn’t always connect emotionally with me. When You Believe was alright vocally, but if she had stuck with the original arrangement (which was quieter and simpler) rather than the warbling Mariah Carey version, she would have had a much better shot. Oh, by the way, John Barrowman (note the spelling) is gay and civil-married. He is unlikely to have the ‘hots’ for Sam.

    This leaves us with Jodie. She has transcended her ‘cabaret’ performances roots and shown that she can take direction AND expand and improve. Remember, no matter what take these women have on the part, it is down to the director at the end of the day. I believe that Cameron Mack is trying to push for a younger Nancy, just to be ‘different’. But remember, Nancy is an ex-prostitute and, effectively, a landlady and whorehouse madam. She is older in Dickens, and that’s what CM should be looking to, not making the show fit for an MTV generation that might not even be interested. Where’s the grit in Oliver? Where’s the passion? I think Jodie has the best chance of all of them to make the role a success – just watch Send in the Clowns again. Then watch Saturday’s performance again. She has depth, warmth and there is definitely a dirty sense of humour there. Perfect casting, really, as long as CM and ALW don’t want to change the world.

  9. 12 Jon May 27, 2008 at 9:54 am

    Michael – I agree with you on Jodie. Her performance of ‘Send in the Clowns’ was exceptional.

    As you say, Samantha will be successful, but I’m also not convinced that Nancy is the right role for her to playing. Something rockier would probably also suit her voice better…

  10. 13 Leafy May 27, 2008 at 6:59 pm

    I also agree, though Jodie has never been my fave – I find her very over the top and her reactions when she gets through have me reaching for the mute button!

    Sam is a weak performer in my view with a very fixed expression. She might make a good pop singer but not a musical theatre actress.I certainly don’t see her as Nancy.

    Jessie has been my fave from the start but I can see that her movements are awkward and don’t seem to be improving. She’s got BY FAR the best voice though.

    As for Rachel – well! It’s absolutely ridiculous that she’s out. She would have made a great Nancy and is easily the best actress of the four.It wouldn’t surprise me if she ends up doing the role anyway – look at Aoife!

    Welcome back, CL, it wasn’t the same without you!

  11. 14 Laura June 1, 2008 at 8:59 am

    i totally agree with the above person. Rachael should have been in the final-not samantha or jodie-and I have been a strong supporter of Jessie all the way!! John Wheelbarrow and Denise aren’t too good at seeing that star quality, are they? GO JESS!! JESSIE, YOU ARE A STAR!! JESSIE, YOU WILL GET A BIGGER AND BETTER PART IN A BIGGER AND BETTER PRODUCTION ELSEWHERE-POSSIBLY BY ALW! THEN LET’S SEE JOHN’S FACE! pfft. xo

  12. 15 Laura June 1, 2008 at 9:01 am


  13. 16 Laura June 1, 2008 at 9:02 am


  14. 17 jaz June 1, 2008 at 5:17 pm

    My sister was in showbiz I am also qualified musically. If you think about the Dickens era a smaller Nancy would have been more apropriate living in a hovel without much food The part of the show with Oliver with Jessie was
    acted delightfully with humour She was Nancy. It didnt seem right that when the result was called & Jodie won Barrowman& Van Outen
    hugged each other says it all to me Get some real judges next time Andrew or Judge it yourself We never hear any voting statistics
    I doubt I shall bother to watch again

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