I’d Do Anything – week 9 reaction (delayed)

I’ve been on holiday for 2 weeks, so have missed the last 2 shows. Thanks to my V+ box (like Sky+, but from Virgin!), I taped all of the episodes so I have been catching up with proceedings!

Last night, I managed to watch the 1st live show that I missed (week 9, originally shown on May 10th). I haven’t seen the results show yet (and don’t know who leaves), but I’ll be getting to that tonight! So, here, in brief, are my thoughts on the performances from week 9…

  • Jessie – Not her best by any stretch of the imagination. As John and Denise pointed out, her diction was dreadful. Vocally it wasn’t too bad, although slightly strained in places. I was also not sure about her movement… lucky for her, Nancy isn’t usually a role that requires much in the way of dancing. I found it slightly strange that ALW seemed keen to blame the song, rather than Jessie, for the poor performance!
  • Niamh – At least ALW seems to have acknowledged that Niamh isn’t ready to the play the part yet – whilst I agree with him on that, I still don’t agree with his view that she is going to be a big star. Her voice still grates, and I’m yet to see any semblance of acting ability while she is singing. Definitely the weak link in this show for me…
  • AshleyMore excessive rudeness from ALW – he really seems to have it in for Ashley and rather than just criticism, he has been unnecessarily mean in his commments. This week was just silly… Not Ashley’s best performance this week, and the ‘cabaret’ comments were at least partly merited. Despite that, her vocal was still excellent, and I think she has demonstrated real quality and versatility in her voice. I am still confident that she will make it to the West End, although I suspect that she’s on her way out in the Sunday show
  • Jodie – Another very classy performance from Jodie. I wasn’t fully convinced at the start of the series, but Jodie is now one of my favourites, and I could really see her playing this part. She has a very, very good voice, and gives great performances weak after weak. For some reason, Andrew wasn’t quite convinced by her this time around – he seems to have been pretty tough on the more experienced girls this week. It’s as if he’s favouring the 3 younger girls (or is that just paranoia on my part!). I will be hugely surprised in Jodie is not in the quarter-final.
  • Samantha – Another week, and another generous song choice for Samantha. She certainly seems to be getting a pretty easy ride on choices, with another rocky number than suits for voice. For those of you that have forgotten, her weakest performance came when she had to sing a song from West Side Story, that she just couldn’t handle vocally. I actually thought that this week was her strongest performance vocally, but unfortunately I thought her diction was pretty poor. I found John’s comments somewhat perplexing – he claimed to have heard every word, so I must have been watching a different performance. ALW loved it, and I think Samantha might just be his favourite at the moment. I’m pretty sure Sam will make it to the final now – she might just have enough to win it too…
  • Rachel – after finding herself in the bottom 2 last week, Rachel needed to bounce back, and I think she only partly succeeded. As ever, she was excellent vocally, and gave a very assured performance. Unfortunately, I didn’t think that there was a huge amount of spark, but frankly, that is as much down to a boring choice of song than anything else. For some reason, ALW thought she didn’t connect at all with the lyrics (in fact, he was pretty critical of her this week). Barry went even further – he sees her as an understudy, not leading lady, which is very odd given how good she has been all series. However, unlike Lee Mead last year, she is not the stand-out star, and I think that there is going to be an anti-“professional” backlash, which could see her missing out.


So, to conclude, I’d like to see Niamh going this week, but I suspect that it’s Ashley that’s on her way out. I think Jessie and Samantha are now the favourites for the final, and I think either Rachel or Jodie will be joining them. It’s certainly more open than previous series…


I’ve now caught up on the results show, and unsurprisingly, it was Ashley who departed. Despite what ALW might have said about it being a tough decision, his politeness all felt a little fake, and all too late in the day. Whilst he acknowledged that he had been pretty tough to her, he still didn’t apologise which was the least she deserved.

As you’ll know if you have read my previous posts, I am disappointed to see Ashley go – I think she was a class act, and despite not being my favourite to win the show, I think she is a much stronger performer than people have given her credit for. In particular, she is vocally much, much stronger than many of the other girls…

It seems like the end is near for Niamh given the judges comments – fingers crossed that she is next to go!


2 Responses to “I’d Do Anything – week 9 reaction (delayed)”

  1. 1 motormouth mabel May 22, 2008 at 9:58 pm

    I agree with you about the Rachel, I think criticisms of these reality/musical shows by the likes of Kevin spacey have left the Lord wary of casting a pro. I think the panel are clearly biased towards the younger performers and whilst I see great potential in Sam, I’m not so sure on Jessie, she just isnt the whole deal that ALW makes out and hasnt really progressed.Her knees knock together when she throws herself around the stage which makes us howl!!

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