I’d Do Anything – week 8 round-up

See my Monday post-mortem here

There were just 7 finalists left at the start of last night’s live show, so it really was time for everyone to show us their best performances if they are going to make it to next week.

I was actually very impressed by the quality of last night’s performances, and am finding it hard to decide who I want to see in the bottom 2…

So, here’s my view on each of the performances:

  • Jodie: Another fantastic performance of another musical theatre classic, ‘Luck be a Lady’ from Guys and Dolls. Despite a couple of minor blips in the opening section, Jodie went on to give an assured performance vocally. Her acting within the songs is also getting better, and she is now a real contender for the role. I have actually been pretty surprised by Jodie in the last few weeks – there are really no signs of her cabaret background (which stands her apart from someone like Craig in the previous series who never managed that). I want to see Jodie in the top 3, so let’s hope the public is voting for her.
  • Sarah:A truly exceptional performance of ‘Mr Bojangles’ – probably only the 2nd time this series that a performance has given me goose bumps. I thought it was probably the best performance of the whole series, and I now have a new favourite to win the series. Over the last few weeks, Sarah has shown that she has far more than just a great voice. Whether or not she ends up getting the part of Nancy, I have absolute confidence that she has a huge career ahead of her. 
  • Rachel: Given a less intense and ‘warmer’ song this week, I thought Rachel did a fantastic job (as ever) with ‘For Once in my life’. Vocally very strong with just one small mistake in the middle of the song, but she recovered incredibly well, reminding us just how professional she is. Still yet to negative comment, but is she slightly too professional to win the public over?
  • Samantha: I actually thought Samantha might struggle this week, but she really surprised me. Given a pretty generous song choice, ‘Sway’, by the producers, she definitely made the most of the opportunity. Barry once again appeared rather sleazy in his reaction, partly the fault of the costume department as ever, but her looks don’t seem to be doing her any harm! Vocally she was fine, but she doesn’t have the strongest voice in the competition. It looked like she was good dancer too. Expect to see her in Chicago or Mamma Mia soon if she doesn’t get the part of Nancy.
  • Niamh: After the first signs of criticism last week, the judges appeared to be trying to bolster her fragile confidence this time. Admittedly she was a fair bit better this week with her performance of ‘They Can’t Take That Away From Me’, but she was still the weakest link in my mind. I found her lack of acting to be the biggest problem this time… There was no sense of story and she just stood still singing the song – dull. I will shocked (and disappointed) if she is not back in the bottom 2 this week. ALW clearly sees talent there, so I’m sure she has a successful career ahead of her. Personally I just don’t think she’s vocally strong enough for the West End yet.
  • Jessie: At last the judges cut her some slack. In fact, they probable went a little too far judging by their comments. It was a great performance, and phenomenally mature for someone of her age, but I didn’t think it was the performance of the series, let alone the performance of all 3 series! Jessie is an incredibly talented performer, and very very engaging to watch on stage. I would love to think that I will be watching her on the West End in the coming years, although I still think she’ll need a little more training on her acting before she is the complete package.
  • Ashley: Finishing this week’s live show was Ashley. Given a classic musical theatre song this week, ‘Hey Big Spender’ from Sweet Charity, Ashley did an excellent job. Clearly, she’s still up against it and is clear favourite to go home this weekend, but I suspect that her performance will have got her plenty of votes with the viewers. ALW half-heartedly acknowledged her talent after working with her this week, but I still can’t see him saving her in a song-off. However, if he wants the public to vote her out, he shouldn’t be saying things like ‘I would like the chance to work with you again next week’ as it gives the public mixed messages. Still not quite strong enough to win the part, but I think that she deserves at least one more week.

In conclusion
A very strong week, full of good performances. I voted twice – once for Sarah who I thought was brilliant, and once for Ashley, who I thought did really well in response to the criticism of recent weeks.

I’m not sure who I’d like to see in the bottom 2 with Niamh – I suspect it will be Ashley though… let’s see what happens. Enjoy the show!


5 Responses to “I’d Do Anything – week 8 round-up”

  1. 1 leslie May 4, 2008 at 10:13 pm

    if it were up to the public who would have gone this week?
    i missed it on sunday and i think rachel should have gone
    sarah is amazing

  2. 2 Jon May 5, 2008 at 12:53 pm

    Rachel got the lowest number of votes, although I have no idea how that happened… maybe people just assumed she was safe and therefore didn’t vote for her?

  3. 3 Ann May 14, 2008 at 4:23 pm

    I certainly hope Jessie gets a better song this week (8) last weeks was dreadful I must admit she tried very hard with it, it just did not suit her one bit, she was well out of her comfort zone. Not every song suits everyone.

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