I’d Do Anything Week 8 – 1 hour until showtime

See my Sunday round-up here and my Monday post-mortem here

It’s 6.05pm, and Saturday night’s live show starts in exactly one hour’s time… so it’s time to check the betting odds one last time to see who the bookies expect to go home this week. Click here to see the latest betting odds.

Who’s going home?
As far as the bookies are concerned, there’s no debate – Ashley is the odds-on favourite to go home (with odds ranging from 4/6 to 8/11). Given ALW’s comments last week, I think the only way she has a chance of staying is a strong public vote… if she’s in the bottom 2, she isn’t going to be saved!

Niamh is considered the 2nd most likely to leave, which obviously makes sense given that she was in the bottom 2 last time around. Personally, I’d like to see her leave this week (although I don’t think she will).

Surprisingly, the bookies put Jodie as the next most likely to leave, with seems very strange. She’s one of my favourites to win the show, and I would have also thought she was popular with the judges and the voting public. Frankly, if she’s up against anyone except Rachel in a song-off, I think she’d be saved by ALW.

Who’s going to win?
is still favourite to win – unsurprisng given that she’s yet to receive a bad comment from the judges. We still have no idea whether the public agrees as there are still 5 girls in the competition who have never been in the bottom 2.

Jessie is 2nd favourite, and after the judges’ comments in the last couple of weeks, that’s looking pretty optimistic. If she doesn’t pull a great performance out of the bag today, I worry that we might see her in the bottom 2 tomorrow.

What I want to see?
I’d like to see Niamh go this week, and I’d probably like to see Samantha in the bottom 2 with her. I have no major problem with her, but just don’t think she’s quite ready for the part, either vocally or with her acting. I’d like to see Rachel or Sarah win the show, but Jodie is really starting to win me over!

Enjoy the show…


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