My top 5 musical theatre actresses

If you’d read this blog before, you might have noticed links to another blog – Musical Top Fives – where I intended to write about musical theatre only, in the form of lists of top fives… I’ve decided that there’s just no real point in keeping the 2 things separate any more (which might also mean that more people read them!)… I’m going to start by re-visiting something I wrote a few weeks back – my 5 favourite musical theatre actresses.

There are some hugely talented musical theatre actresses on both sides of the pond. I was trying to decide who my Top 5 are – so here they are… I have only considered people who I have seen live on stage… read on to find out more

  1. Lauren Kennedy
  2. Idina Menzel
  3. Lara Pulver
  4. Ruthie Henshall
  5. Sally-Ann Triplett


More about the top 5:

1. Lauren Kennedy – I only recently saw Lauren Kennedy when she was performing at the Menier. Whilst I haven’t strictly seen her in a musical, she was just such a good performer that she has rocketed to number 1 on my list. I’ve been listening to her 2 albums – Here and Now and Songs of Jason Robert Brown pretty much non-stop since)… check out the following links for more:

    My review of her show at the Menier
    Playbill interview    
    Lauren’s official website
    Lauren’s MySpace page
    Lauren’s Wikipedia entry
    Another review of her Menier show

2. Idina Menzel – I managed to see Wicked just before Idina returned to the US and I am so relieved! I didn’t love the show but it was worth seeing just for her performance. What a stunning voice. I’m gutted that I’m going to miss her performance in the upcoming concert performances of Chess in London. For more, check out the following links:

   Idina’s official website
   Idina’s Wikipedia entry
   Unofficial Idina Menzel website interview
   Idina’s MySpace page


3. Lara Pulver – I first saw Lara in Last Five Years at the Menier back in summer 2006 and whilst she was good, I didn’t think she was quite as good as Damian Humbly who played opposite her. No such reservations after seeing her performance in Parade last year. She was truly sensational – brilliant voice and brilliant acting. Soon to be seen in Beau Jest, a UK premiere on a show written by American playright James Sherman.

    For more, check out the following links:
     Lara’s official website
     Lara’s Wikipedia entry
     Parade review – The Stage
     Beau Jest website


4. Ruthie Henshall – I have loved Ruthie’s voice for a long time after much listening to original London cast recording of Chicago, in which she played Roxie. It was during her return to the show as Velma (2004 or 2005 I think) that I saw her on stage. Good news for any Ruthie fans – she is coming to see the West End Stage in a week’s time with Marguerite at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. Check out these links for more:

   Ruthie’s official website
   Ruthie’s Wikipedia entry
   Ruthie’s MySpace page
   Telegraph article   
   Marguerite website


5. Sally Ann Triplett – first seen by me in Anything Goes opposite John Barrowman and then later in Guys and Dolls. Great all-round performer, with huge personality. Currently in Make Me A Song which closes on Saturday (see my review here). Unfortunatley the night I went, she was ‘indisposed’.

   Check out the following links for more:
   Sally Ann’s official website
   Sally Ann’s Wikipedia entry
   Sally Ann’s MySpace page


So, there you have it – my top 5 musical theatre actresses – Lauren Kennedy, Idina Menzel, Lara Pulver, Ruthie Henshall and Sally Ann Triplett. Anyone I’ve missed?!


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