I’d Do Anything – week 7 post-mortem

This post is a respnse to the live shows of I’d Do Anything on 26th & 27th April

It’s now Monday morning, and I’ve now watched Sunday night’s results show. I’ve already written a post about Saturday’s live show, with my view on each of the performances, which you can see here. This post is my response to the full weekend, and the result…

The result
Despite what ALW might have thought, yesterday’s result was the right one. Whilst Keisha is undoubtedly talented, she was just not ready for such a big part, and didn’t do enough over the last few weeks to stay in the competition. This week was a prime example – vocally, she was good, but her performance was dull – her performance was more ‘Pop Idol’ than West End. Given ALW’s comments about “doing anything I can to help you”, I don’t think she should be too worried. Personally, I think the best thing he could do is help get her a place at drama school to get some real training.

The sing-off
Again, despite ALW’s strange reaction, I was delighted with the choice of contestants in the sing-off. In recent weeks, I’ve been wondering if I’m the only person in the country who doesn’t rate Niamh, so I was very happy to read the What’s On Stage Blog which echoes everything I’ve been saying about her. At last, the judges were willing to criticise her for her awful diction too, which must have helped push her into the bottom 2. I’m sure she’ll be successful in the future, but she definitely needs some serious vocal training if she’s going to make it – at the moment, she’s just not strong enough vocally to hold down a leading role in the West End.

Andrew Lloyd Webber
A very strange reaction this week from ALW. It’s clear he wanted Ashley in the bottom two, but who else did he think deserved to be there? Given that 2 of his 3 judges thought it was time for Keisha to go, it’s pretty hard for him to justify why she didn’t even deserve to be in the sing-off. His judgement appears to be getting stranger each week, as he disagrees more and more with his own panel of judges. He must also be getting frustrated that the voting public isn’t doing what he wants them to do (that’s the problem with a democracy!) and that’s probably hurting his ego. Perhaps if he wasn’t quite so obvious about having favourites, and quite so rude to people he doesn’t like, then the public might start listening to him again

The song choices
Once again, a pretty poor choice of songs. Given that ALW reminded the viewers, very seriously, that this is about more than just singing ability, isn’t it time the producers challenged the remaining Nancy’s with some proper, challenging, musical theatre?! After 7 weeks, I think they can stop worrying about losing the audience.

The best Nancy’s
A few weeks ago, I said that there were 5 girls left who I believed were good enough to play the role. Since then, a couple of people have dropped off that list… Whilst I still think Jessie is fantastic, she just doesn’t seem to be getting better, so I worry that she’s not quite ready for this part. I still believe she is the best of the 3 youngest girls (vs. Samantha and Niamh), but she probably needs some training before she’s ready. I also still rate Ashley, and think she’s a class act, but I think she has lost the judges now, so I’d be surprised if she lasted past next week. She will make it to the West End though. This means that my top 3, in no particular order, are:

  1. Sarah – best voice in the competition; the judges seem to have come round to her
  2. Jodie – gets better and better; has impressed me massively is now a major contender
  3. Rachel – the Lee Mead of this series – a safe pair of hands, with serious talent

The Olivers
The quality of the ensemble has been fantastic week-in, week-out, and it’s still pretty difficult to know who the strongest boys are in the competition. I’m thoroughly impressed by how slick the performance have been – they are all very impressive vocally, and the choreography has also worked very well. Despite being cynical about the idea of finding Oliver too, it has turned out to be a pleasant distraction from the main competition, and a good way of helping to fill out 2 shows per weekend! If I were in charge, I’d offer parts to all 12 of them, as there’s plenty of room in the chorus!


We’re now half-way through the live shows, which means just 5 more shows to go. It’s still impossible to predict the winner, which is great! Have a good day.


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