I’d Do Anything – Week 7 reaction

And so to week 7 (or week 5 in terms of live shows) on 27th April and we start proceedings with just 8 contestants. The competition is most definitely hotting up, and with this competition still fiercer that in any of the previous 2 series, it’s impossible to know who’s going to end up winning. By this time last year, many people had made up their mind that Lee Mead was the only choice. You’d have trouble saying that this time around.

As ever, this post contains my reactions to Saturday night’s show only – I will write another post on Monday once we are down to just 7 Nancy’s. This is my view of each performance, as if I were an extra judge on the panel (if only I could replace Barry for just one week – I couldn’t do a worse job!!). So here goes:

  • Niamh: First up this week was Niamh, singing ‘Valerie’. At last, she got some critical comments from the judges (apart from Barry obviously!)… I know there are many people who love Niamh (some of whom read this blog and disagree with my comments), but I stand by my views on her. She obviously does have talent, but she is absolutely 100% not ready to play this part. Her voice is the weakest in the competition, both in terms of musicality and voice tone. And whilst she was at least engaging on stage, I only understood about 20% of the words that she was singing – as John pointed out, her diction was dreadful. I would love to see her in the bottom 2, but realistically I know that’s not going to happen for at least a couple more weeks.
  • Rachel: Next up was Rachel, singing ‘I’m With You’. I didn’t think it was her strongest performance so far, but she will still head and shoulders above most of the competition (could anyone from Sarah have sung it better?) Once again though, the difference with Rachel was her acting. She tells a convincing story every week (even if occasionally she’s fractionally over the top with the emotion!). I would still put money on her being in the final 2 at the end of this series…
  • Jessie: Next up, with a slower number, Stop, was Jessie, and I thought she did a good job. The judges comments were pretty harsh – they wanted to “see the real Jessie back”, but given that this was a slower number, what did they expect?! I thought she did a decent job in telling the story, even if it subdued her natural charisma. Her voice is still fantastic and remarkably impressive for someone totally untrained. Despite all of that, I am starting to worry about Jessie – her momentum appears to have stalled in recent weeks. She’s no longer the bookies’ favourite, and the judges are now starting to question her acting ability repeatedly. Let’s hope she can get the spark back next week.
  • Sarah: Next up was Sarah, singing the Alanis Morisette, ‘Ironic’. The producers have certainly been kind to Sarah in recent weeks, giving her songs that show that she can be less ‘nice’ when performing. As ever, her vocal was sensational – the more I listen to her, the better it gets, and I would absolutely love to see her in the West End. The judges seem to have come round to her, so it will be interesting to see what the public think. She’s definitely in my top 3 though…
  • Keisha: After a (temporary?) reprieve last week, Keisha is still most definitely under pressure in this competition. She sang ‘I’m Outta Love’ and I was actually quite surprised by how positive the judges’ comments were. Personally I was underwhelmed – I thought her vocal was ok, but her overall performance was dull. She seemed to be standing still the whole time, and on this performance, she looked better suited to Pop Idol than the West End. I’d like to see her back in the bottom 2 this week.
  • Ashley: After being surprisingly saved by Andrew in last week’s sing-off, Ashley’s was back to sing ‘Evergreen’. The judges’ comments were actually worse than last week, so I suspect Ashley’s time in the competition is drawing to a close. As in previous weeks, I am a fan of Ashley, and think that she has been hard done by in recent weeks. She wasn’t sensational this week, but I think she’s incredibly watchable and has great presence. I’d happily go and see a show with her starring in it, and I think ALW once again went overboard with his criticism. Will the viewers save her this week?
  • Samantha: After a fantastic performance last week, Samantha was given another loud number – ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’. I thought the judges comments were far too generous this time. Her acting has definitely improved, but vocally it was nowhere near as strong as last week. The tuning was off in the opening section, and then it became a little too shouty in the loud sections – she can definitely hit those high notes, but I don’t find it that pleasant. She deserves to stay another week, but I don’t expect her to make the final…
  • Jodie: Jodie has been a revelation over the last couple of weeks and she continued in the same vein this week, singing ‘I Have Nothing’. Vocally superb, her tuning is perfect and she has a very comfortable voice to listen to. I think she’s turning out to be one of the favourites for this competition, and I’d love to see her in the final 3 with Sarah and Rachel. A great way to finish the show…


So, my bottom 2 would be Keisha and Niamh, but I think it’s more likely that Ashley will be in that dreaded sing-off. As ever, I’ll be writing my full reactions tomorrow. Enjoy tonight’s show!


2 Responses to “I’d Do Anything – Week 7 reaction”

  1. 1 chase April 27, 2008 at 6:52 pm

    I personally like Niamh very much. I anticipate and enjoy watching her. There’s something very different about her – she looks weak and fragile but that’s part of her. plus she has a really pretty voice. But I do feel that she would fit more gothic roles like Eponine.
    My three favorites are also Sarah, Rachel, and Jodie. They all are great actresses with very strong vocals. It’s just a matter of who fits more to the kind of Nancy Cameron Mackintosh and ALW has in mind.

  1. 1 I’d Do Anything - week 7 post-mortem « Coloured Lights Trackback on April 28, 2008 at 8:47 am

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