I’d Do Anything – What the bookies say (week 7)



Last week, the odds weren’t far off – Keisha was favourite to leave, and didn’t, but the 2 girls in the song-off were the next ‘favourites’ to leave the show. So, it seems like betting odds are a more accurate predictor of success than number of friends on facebook (see my previous post if you’re confused!


So, let’s take a look at how the odds have changed, and what that might mean for the result…




Who’s going tomorrow?


Almost all the bookies seem to agree that last week was a temporary reprieve for Keisha, as she is still favourite to leave with practically everyone. The competition from Ashley is fierce though, and given last week’s lack of votes, plus ALW’s comments, I’m still worried for her.


In fact, judging by the odds, these 2 look like a dead cert to be in the sing-off this time around, with the next contender (Jodie) miles away. I’d be pretty shocked if anyone else dropped into the bottom 2.


Rachel looks most secure, which obviously assumes that she is as popular with the voting public as she is with the judges. I’m not so sure about this one – whilst I’m supporting her, I think the audience might be looking for someone less professional this time around.




Who’s going to win the series?

Jessie is no longer the bookies’ favourite, having been replaced at the top of the list by Rachel. Perhaps the audience is concerned about her acting, and would like to see her challenged slightly more.


I’m pleased to see that Sarah is still up there are one of the favourites. She has the best voice in the show, and given that Oliver is a musical, you would think she’d be a good bet to win!


If you’re looking for value, Jodie’s odds seem higher than I would have expected, as high as 10/1 in some places. The judges seem to love her, and I think she still has a great chance in this competition.




I wonder if the bookies will be proved right this time around – if so, it’s goodbye Keisha…

Enjoy the show.


1 Response to “I’d Do Anything – What the bookies say (week 7)”

  1. 1 yasmin May 12, 2008 at 3:12 pm

    ah my god no way is rachel gonna win she is ugly and looks like pig , jessie is great and i vote 8 times a week-and thats just me!

    jessie is gonna win whhen sheperforms with the other girls the only girl i can see is jessie..xxxxxxx


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