I’d Do Anything – week 6 round-up (Sunday reaction)

This post is based on the show from Saturday 20th April

As in previous weeks, I won’t write my full weekly round-up until tomorrow, so that I can watch the 2nd show and react to that as well. However, this post contains my reactions to the performances of the 9 remaining contestants last night, and whether I agreed with the judges…

  1. Jodie: A great opening to the show, with another strong performance from Jodie. Her song, ‘9 to 5’, seemed perfect for her but as a result, didn’t particularly stretch her. Comfortably good enough to remind everyone that she’s now a real contender. Whether or not she wins the show, I’m sure she I’ll be seeing her in the West End soon.
  2. Samantha: A dramatic improvement on previous weeks. I have no idea where that vocal came from in what was a pretty tough song – ‘Hurt’. If she can improve that much after limited 1-on-1 work with John then she has far more potential that I had previously thought. If she can keep up this level of improvement, she might yet convince me that she could play the part…
  3. Ashley: I thought the judges were pretty much right-on about Ashley’s performance – until Andrew opened his mouth. He was right that ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ is a boring song, but that’s not Ashley’s fault! I thought ALW was completely out of order being so negative – he clearly has his favourites, and Ashley is not one of them. But even more than that, he was wrong. Whilst it wasn’t a tremendous performance, she was nowhere near the worst. She must have been absolutely gutted yesterday, and I just hope that the viewers have saved her from the sing-off, and inevtiable departure…
  4. Niamh: The judges’ favourite, but I don’t understand it. Yes – she looks fragile, but who cares what she looks like. I care about the fact that her voice is unpleasant to listen to – I thikn she has the weakest voice of any of the remaining contestants, as proved with another average performance of ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’. Unfortnately, I think she’s here for the long run.
  5. Keisha: I didn’t think she deserved to be in the bottom 2 last week, but this week she does. I would be amazed if she survived after a thoroughly underwhelming performance of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ – she was fine vocally, but it just wasn’t interesting enough, which is disappointing given that the song calls for far more emotion. Clearly talented, but not good enough to play Nancy yet…
  6. Jessie: Still the bookies’ favourite, Jessie turned out another strong performance, singing ‘Why Do Fools Fall In Love’. She has a great stage presence, and is very watchable indeed. However, I didn’t think that this week was her best, and her vocal was too similar to previous weeks. I’d like to see her singing either something more emotional, or more of a charater song. She’ll be there right at the end though…
  7. Sarah: I’ve been a big fan of Sarah from the start of the show, and it seems like the judges are at last coming round to the same view. Personally, I don’t think the darker hair made any difference, but apparently it was enough to convince the judges that she could play the part! Vocally brilliant as she has been every week – ‘Midnight Train to Georgia’ was vocally perfect. Deserves to make it through to the final 3. If I was directing musicals, I’d cast her!
  8. Francesca: Another underwhelming performance from Francesca, of another underwhelming song choice – ‘What’s love got to do with it’. Vocally more secure than in previous weeks, with less tuning issues, but I just don’t like her voice enough to keep wanting her in the show.
  9. Rachel: My favourite from week 1, and nothing has changed. Hasn’t yet received a negative comment from the judges – she is an absolute pro, and if Cameron Mackintosh wants a safe pair of hands for the part, Rachel would be his choice. Great performance of ‘The Way We Were’, and I would be absolutely amazed if she wasn’t in the final 3.

So, based on that, I’d like to see Keisha and Francesca in the bottom 2 (with Niamh next on the list). I worry about Ashley after ALW’s comments, so will keep my fingers crossed for her.  

If you want to see my full response to this week, come back to my blog tomorrow (Monday).

Enjoy tonight’s show!


2 Responses to “I’d Do Anything – week 6 round-up (Sunday reaction)”

  1. 1 Jack April 21, 2008 at 5:49 am

    I totally agree with you that ALW was out of order with his comments to Ashley, these girls are trying so hard even if he had siad “that wasn’t good enough for me to night” fine but to go on national telivision and berate the girl and saying he dosn’t rate her voice was more cruel and in fact basically bullying the poor girl, at least she was more adult than him and took the comments with dignity……

  1. 1 I’d Do Anything - week 6 post-mortem « Coloured Lights Trackback on April 21, 2008 at 8:31 am

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