I’d Do Anything – What the bookies say (week 6)

In advance for tonight’s show, I’ve been looking a the betting odds again to see what the bookies think will happen both tonight, and at the end of the series…

Who’s going tonight?
No major surprise here – the bookies assume that Keisha is a dead cert to leave. Given that she’s been in the bottom 2 for the last 2 weeks, that’s not a shock. In fact, the best odds you could get on her now would be 11/10 which doesn’t sound like a good investment to me.

I’m fairly sure Keisha will be in the bottom 2 again (she just doesn’t appear to be popular with the viewing public), but I think she could still be saved again in the sing off, but only if she comes up against Francesca, who is the 2nd ‘favourite’ to leave tonight (although a fair distance from Francesca in odds at nearer 4/1. Personally, I’d rather see Francesca go given her apparent issues with tuning…

Somehow Ashley is 3rd favourite to go home (at about 5/1) – I hope the bookies and people betting have got this one wrong – she absolutley doesn’t deserve to leave tonight and is significantly better than Niamh and Samantha to name but two.


Who’s going to win the series?
No change here – Jessie is still the strong bookies’ favourite, which seems sensible given that ALW appears to be a big fan. I’m still worried about her acting after the last 2 challenges but her voice is certainly good enough.

Rachel is 2nd favourite which makes sense – she’s my tip right now. Somehow Samatha is sneaking it at #3 despite a pretty poor vocal performance of ‘Somewhere’ from West Side Story last week.

Sarah looks good value at 9/1, although she’ll have to convince a couple of the judges that she can be rough enough for the part. I wonder if she has dyed he hair this week as John suggested?


Let’s see if the bookies are right! Enjoy this weekend’s shows…


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