I’d Do Anything – week 5 report

So, it’s now Monday, and 10 have become 9… I wrote my thoughts about each of Saturday’s performances already (before Sunday’s show), so if you want to see what I thought, then click here. Either way, read on to see what how I feel after last night’s results show…

The Result
Fantastic – for the first time in this series, I was really happy with the result. Tara was definitely the weakest link in the competition, and was lucky to stay in the show after last week’s horrific performance. I remember thinking she was pretty good after week 1, but that seems like a blip in light of what we’ve seen since. I’d be pretty surprised to see her make it big in the West End – she’s just not strong enough vocally to carry a show.

The bottom two
I was really disappointed to see Keisha in the sing-off again. Whilst I don’t think she is ultimately good enough to get the part, she was far from the worst this week, and once again, I can’t help feeling that there is an element of prejudice coming into play with the voting public. I hope I’m wrong, but I just wonder why people didn’t vote for her this week.

Personally, I would have put Francesca, Samantha and possible Niamh below here this week. After a much improved performance last weekend, Francesca took a big step back. If she still has such major tuning issues despite being a professional, I worry about whether she is really capable of improving sufficiently to carry this part.

The sing-off
Actually, Tara did a decent job in the sing-off, but thankfully Andrew looked past that and remembered just how poor her performances have been in the main show for the last 2 weeks. Keisha seemed pretty nervous and didn’t really do herself justice, but deserved to stay as she is the stronger candidate than Tara…

The song choices
At last, some songs from musicals! I fear that this may end up being a one-off, but it is so much better when they are singing songs from shows, not pop songs. It also helps advertise other shows on in the West End (I particularly enjoyed the group number from Hairspray.

Still a few too many songs from Jukebox musicals for my liking, but I suppose it’s a bit too much to hope for all Sondheim and Kander & Ebb!

If you want to know more about what they sung, take a look at my post here

The judges
John, Denise and Andrew are getting better and better, as the start to give constructive criticism. Also good to see them disagreeing. They still have their blind spots though – Niamh in particular – and I’d like to see them comment even more on vocal quality.

Barry, as ever, is a waste of space. He did improve this week, although that isn’t saying a great deal. Still doesn’t appear to have anything useful to add, so it would be better if Graham just didn’t talk to him…

The Olivers
I am thoroughly impressed by the overall quality. From what we’ve seen so far, it’s going to be tough to limit the winners to only 3, as plenty of the boys seem good enough to get the part. I think this week’s winner – Arthur – was great. Very secure vocally indeed for someone so young singing in front of so many people. A definite contender.

The Nancys
The standard this year is definitely the best yet, and I think there are 5 genuine contenders (or at least 5 people who I think are capable of playing the part!). I doubt this is the same as the judges who seem to love Niamh, but my 5 favourites (in alphabetica order!) are:
1. Ashley – very professional, and getting better every week
2. Jessie – incredibly assured despite being untrained – will definitely be famous
3. Jodie – hugely charismatic with a great voice
4. Rachel – my favourite so far – very professional, great all-round performer
5. Sarah – the best voice in the competition – not sure she’ll win, but will make it in West End

Now that we have heard some songs from musicals, I can start writing about some other shows – later this week, I intend to write a little more about some of the shows that we saw glimpses of this week. Hopefully this week’s show might start a trend and we’ll see songs from musicals every week from now on!



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