I’d Do Anything – week 5 round-up (Sunday reaction)

This article refers to live show on Saturday 13th April.
If you want to see my post written after Sunday’s show, click here
If you want to see my post about the song choices and the shows they are from, click here

As ever, I’ll be writing my full weekly round-up tomorrow, once I have seen the results show. In the meantime though, here’s my thoughts on the performances of the 10 remaining contestants.. (in the order that they performed).

  1. Rachel: Despite being first up, and singing a pretty dull song, ‘Oh What A Night’, it was another fantastic performance from Rachel – still my favrourite to win the show. Great vocal, great dancing, thoroughly professional – it’s difficult to see anyone else being as ready to play the part of Nancy.
  2. Sarah: A brilliant performance vocally from Sarah, but that’s no surprise for me – she has comfortably the strongest voice in the competition from where I’m sitting. The judges were kind in giving her a song which forced her to act less smiley – ‘Maybe This Time’ from Cabaret, and she did a great job
  3. Francesca: Sang ‘The Time of my Life’, a pretty dull song. Performed well but had some real tuning issues again. Pretty worrying given that she is a professional so I’m just not convinced she is ever going to be good enough to get the part. Strong enough to stay in until nearer the end, but I’d be amazed if she made it to the final from what we’ve seen so far.
  4. Keisha: A much better performance this week from Keisha, with a very classy performance of ‘Lady is a Tramp’. Definitely talented, but probably not quite ready to be a leading lady in the West End. If she can keep this level of performance up, she deserves to be in the competition for a while yet.
  5. Ashley: There has a massive improvement in Ashley’s performances in the last 2 weeks after a pretty average opening week. Sang ‘The Winner Takes It All’ from Mamma Mia and did a good job with another uninspiring number. I think she could end up being a dark horse for this competition, although Andrew’s comments on her voice will have been hard to take (and slightly harsh I think).
  6. Jodie: A very good performance from Jodie this week. Singing the phenomenal ‘Send In The Clowns’ from A Little Night Music, she showed why she is a real contender. I’d love to see her go further in this competition as she has a fantastic personality and great voice. Can she act? I want to see more of her in the challenges in the coming weeks…
  7. Niamh: Very assured on stage, but I still can’t understand why the judges are so positive about Niamh – once again, this week’s performance of ‘Moon River’ showed up her tuning issues. I wouldn’t be confident in her being able to cope with this role vocally, but the judges seem to disagree. In my bottom 3 this week…
  8. Jessie – outstanding once again. I’m still unsure whether an 18-year old with no training could cope with 8 shows a week, but Jessie might just be the exception. Brilliant, powerful voice, and exceptional confidence in her performance of ‘One night Only’ this week. If she can keep this level of performance up every week, she is a very serious contender. Still some questions about her acting after last week’s challenge.
  9. Tara: definitely the week link for the 2nd week in a row with her performance of ‘Let’s Here It For the Boy’. Vocally she is nowhere near strong enough, and if she is not in the bottom 2 this week, it will be a travesty. Nothing more to say – she needs to leave now.
  10. Samantha: A tough song for her this week, with ‘Somewhere’ from West Side Story, but a weak performance all the same. Vocally she just wasn’t up to it, and her limited range was exposed. Should be in the bottom 2 based on this performance, although she has done better in previous weeks…

If you want to see my full response to this week, come back to my blog tomorrow (Monday).

Enjoy tonight’s show!


5 Responses to “I’d Do Anything – week 5 round-up (Sunday reaction)”

  1. 1 Amy April 17, 2008 at 10:28 am

    I think that is an excellent round up of last week and I don’t think there’s anything I actually disagreed with. I’m an Ashley fan and think that she could really just creep through and become Nancy. She has proved herself in the last two weeks. I think that Rachel and Sarah are her main competition even though I am not a fan of either.

    Sarah has a beautiful voice but that’s all I enjoy about her, not seen any personality. I’m intrigued to see how she comes across this week with dark hair, let’s be honest if John Barrowman tells you to dye your hair you’re going to do just that!!

    Rachel I find slightly too much, Beautiful on her knees and last weeks dancing was cheese central. Having said that, she does have the vocals, the training and the acting which the majority don’t. I’ll be suprised if she isn’t in the final.

    I also do not see what the fuss is over Niamh, in fact she is my least favourite along with Keisha. I think they are over-rating her, her dancing lacks any passion and looks like she can’t be bothered. I was also offended that she was ‘outstanding’ in the Hairspray number, clearly because she got that one solo vocal to sing. Any of the girls could have done that given the chance.

    Francesca put herself right back in it after week 2 but must have got the fear because she took herself right back out it last week in my opinion.

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