I’d Do Anything – week 4 (Sunday’s reaction to Saturday night)

This post refers to show on 5th April.
If you are looking for my full post for this week (7th April) click here
If you are looking for my latest post (13th April), click here

I’ll be writing my main weekly report tomorrow (Monday) after the results show, but for those of you that that have come accross this site on Sunday, I’d thought I’d give a quick run-down of my thoughts so far. If you’re interested in hearing more, do come back tomorrow.

  • Overall quality – down on last week; a few performers were definitely weaker and for me, only Francesca performed significantly better
  • The judges – at last we’re seeing some criticism from John and Denise. I’d be happier still if they noticed when tuning was poor, but without Zoe Tyler, I worry…
  • Barry Humphries – cannot be called a judge given that all he does is praise people and then sleaze over them. What is the point of him being on the panel
  • Song choices – once again, very poor. About time we heard something from a musical – I think a prime-time audience can cope with it, even if they haven’t heard the songs before
  • The Oliver’s – for the first time I feel in a position to tell the difference between them. This week’s song gave them the chance to showcase their abilities. In my post tomorrow, I’ll tell you my 3 favourites so far (I want to see tonight’s show first)
  • My favourite – It’s even clearer for me after yesterday – the winner will be Rachel. She was exceptional yesterday, both in her vocals and her acting, and outshone everyone else. There are still some other talented girls, but she’s the best

Enjoy tonight’s show. More thoughts tomorrow!

(it’s now Monday – for my full reaction, click here


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