Review round-up: What the critics said about ‘Peter Pan el Musical’

Peter Pan El Musical

I don’t think I have ever seen a set of reviews so uniformly negative in all my life. As a result, I have to admit that I’m somewhat intrigued by any show that gets such a hammering from so many reviewers.

In fact, on opening the Guardian yesterday, I saw something I’ve never seen before – a zero-star review!

Given this, I doubt you’ll be wanting to see this Spanish production of Peter Pan! I thought it was still worth writing a brief round-up of the reviews so far, if only so you can see how critical some of the comments are. If any of the cast have read their reviews, they must have been fairly tough to take…

 To be honest though, ever since the day that the Garrick Theatre welcomed Bad Girls to their theatre, I have very little confidence in anything that is on there.

So, here are the highlights. Enjoy!

Guardian review – Lyn Gardner (click here)
Zero stars

  • “An awfully big misadventure, this Spanish mauling of JM Barrie’s masterpiece flies into the Garrick and crash-lands belly up.”
  • “My youngest daughter refused point blank to return with me after the interval.”
  • “The show’s publicity proudly announces that one million Spaniards have seen this show, which just goes to prove that there is no accounting for statistics.”

Telegraph review – Charles Spencer (click here)
“A show you should make strenuous endevours to avoid”

  • “One of the most lamentable evenings I have ever endured in a West End theatre.”
  • “But it’s a dire production, and why on earth are the owners of the Garrick Theatre giving it house-room?”
  • “There are more than a dozen soft-rock songs played on a cheesy synthesizer, written by a variety of hands but all sounding liked rejected Spanish entries for the Eurovision song contest.”

Times review – Benedict Nightingale (click here)
2 stars

  • “A heavily cut version of Barrie with decor that looks as if it has been substituted at the last moment for sets still with the baggage handlers at Terminal 5”
  • “Cristina Fargas, who both adapted and directed, has made choices that don’t increase the tension and excitement the show crucially lacks.”

Independent review – Rhoda Koenig (click here)
1 star

  • “Even a play of far less charm deserves better than to be brutally cut and set on an eye-aching black stage. ” 
  • “It’s one thing to have soiled two hours of one’s life, but don’t get vindictive about it.”
  • “abrasive or drippy songs by 10 tin-eared tunesmiths, dancing that combines children’s exercises with bumps and grinds, and acting only a philistine mother could love.”

Roundup – a reminder of where you can find the full reviews…
Guardian review (Lyn Gardner) – click here
Telegraph review (Charles Spencer) – click here
Times review (Benedict Nightingale) – click here
Independent review (Rhoda Koenig) – click here

For more information about the show, and to book tickets, visit the official website


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