Kevin Spacey – The critics’ response

I’ve already written a response to Kevin Spacey’s comments about the BBC and ‘I’d Do Anything’ which you can find here. I thought it would also be pointing you to some other responses that I’ve already read. Michael Billington and Benedict Nightingale are in full agreement with Spacey, so it’s down to The Independent to point a slightly less negative point of view accross. On this one, I’m definitely closer to the Indy’s view.

There haven’t been a massive number of responses yet, but as I see more articles of interest, I’ll update this article with links. If you have an alternative view, feel free to add comments.

Spacey is right: the BBC hates theatre (Michael Billington, Guardian)
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  • “The BBC’s current attitude to theatre is, in my view, nothing short of a disgrace.”
  • “On the one hand, the BBC backs a few obvious musical favourites. On the other, it neglects original drama and our existing theatre culture. “
  • “the malaise spreads even deeper through a corporation that, as far as TV goes, seems to dislike the arts and has long since forfeited its missionary principles.”

Kevin Spacey is dead right about the BBC (Benedict Nightingale, Times)
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  • “Kevin Spacey is dead right and saying what a lot of people in and out of the theatre must be thinking.”
  • “Is this really what we pay our licence fees for?”
  • “the corporation’s dedication to dumbed-down reality shows like these.”

Dramatic licence (Independent leading article)
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  • “It is hard not to feel some sympathy for Mr Spacey’s argument”
  • “One might equally argue that the BBC gives free publicity to Hollywood studios, at the expense of domestic theatre, when it reviews the latest releases or invites stars on to its chat shows.”
  • “Mr Spacey is not entirely wrong about the skewing of the BBC’s coverage towards musical theatre. But in truth, perhaps he doesn’t need to make quite such a song and dance of the problem.”

I’m sure that this one will run for a while yet!


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