I’d Do Anything – week 2 report

Originally posted on 23rd March

Final 12 Nancys

We’re now 2 weeks into the BBC’s new series, ‘I’d do anything’, and the final 12 girls have been chosen to go through to the live shows.

I’ve actually really enjoyed the first 2 weeks of the show, although I’m finding the search for an Oliver a bit of a distraction still – maybe that will change from next week but I’m still not convinced. I’m also slightly disappointed that Cameron Mackintosh won’t be on the show every week…

Personally, I found some of the ‘story-telling’ on the first 2 shows highly irritating – it felt like most of the contestants had a sob-story to tell. Personally I want to hear people singing, and I think the BBC went a little overboard on this part. Let’s concentrate on whether people are talented from now on…

Thankfully, there appear to be some really strong finalists this year, so I’m excited about the competition we can expect to see in the coming weeks.

Looking at the list of finalists on the BBC website, there are a few people who I don’t really remember seeing much of (Ashley and Tara in particular), which may put them at a slightly disadvantage in the opening weeks over people like Cleopatra and Jodie who have had more coverage thus far.

I think it’s good that there’s range of experience among the finalists. It would be pretty crazy to penalise people with training (as I think some people would prefer), so I was happy to see that within the 12 finalists, there are 4 people from 2 of London’s top drama schools – Mountview (Ashley and Francesca) and the Royal Academy (Rachel and Sarah). I’d be very surprised if at least one of these 4 didn’t make it to the final – based on the auditions, my tip would be Francesca, who already has West End experience.

Of the less-trained contestants, 3 people in particular caught my eye: Cleopatra, Jodie and Jessie. I’m hoping that one of these 3 makes it far in the competition, although I’m not convinced that any of them will end up having enough experience to play the role day-in, day-out. Based on the previous 2 series, I think we’re more likely to end up with a finalist with more training. But who knows, maybe this series will be different?

Anyway, it looks like we have plenty of look forward to in the coming weeks – if the producers are reading this, please can we less ‘story’ and more singing, preferably from musicals!


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